Here's the most common things we're asked on the show

Why so much focus on history during the show?

News isn't just made up of what happens now, but what lead up to it. That's easy enough to understand, but also it's important to know that politics, and society, works in cycles. Using history to talk about modern stories help us see possibly see how things will work out.

Why are you asking for donations?

A lot of the work that goes into the show is done by a knowledgable, and sometimes crazy, staff of volunteers. They put in a lot of work, and do it in sometimes crazy circumstances. The donations are used to "give back" to everyone that contributes to our daily show, the website, the live stream production, and the post-production services for our affiliate stations.

What does the future hold?

For the world, the short answer is "Why the hell are you asking us?" ... But for the website, there's a lot in the works. A members only section, a weekly uncensored web-only version of the show, launching of a weekly short series, and a few more things are in the works. We'll keep you updated in the News sections as these things get ready to roll out.