About Shaggy

Shaggy Jenkins was born in North Carolina, and took an interest in history in high school. Pursuing radio as a career from the age of 18, he has spent over 20 years in various positions across the Southeast.


In 2003, Shaggy relocated to Hawaii and began a long run as a morning show host, Operations Director, and technical consultant before leaving commercial radio behind in 2014

Meet the Crew

The Shaggy Jenkins Show is not an easy show to produce and manage, and without these people our daily broadcasts would be dull, ill-informed, and basically not worth listening to.

Dan O'Brien

Co-Host, Weekly Commentator

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A veteran broadcaster, Dan brings his many years of experience from working in media to the airwaves twice a week as a news media "observer" and political analyst.


Tony Gaspar, Jr.

Production/Video Tech

From putting the show on livestream using state-of-the-art equipment to preparing audio elements that make up the "image" of the show, Tony puts in long hours making the show look, and sound good.

And he has great hair.